Put the ‘GREEN’ back into your greenhouse!

We specialise in the restoration and rejuvenation of small and medium sized greenhouses.

Just an outside storage space?

We can help to kickstart your greenhouse back to plant production.

It is immensely satisfying growing plants in a greenhouse, a hobby that I have enjoyed for many years in my own garden.

But while many of us are busy nurturing the plants, it is easy to forget that the greenhouse itself also needs looking after.

Over time, all manner of things can happen. Panes become covered in moss and algae, there may be breakages, or the wind blows the door off, etc.

On the other hand, you might be investing in a new greenhouse, but you don’t have the skills, nor the time, to build a base and fit it together.

I have several years experience of dealing with such problems and as a practical person with a hands on approach I’ve been reviving greenhouses in the Canterbury area. After they are cleaned up or repaired they almost look like new! Take a look at the Gallery.

I enjoy a new challenge, so if you need help, please have a look at the Services that I offer and get in touch for a FREE consultation visit and quotation.

I look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks.

David Sear


Some of the personal and efficient services we offer. Each job is tailored to your individual needs.

Cleaning interior & exterior

  • Power washed plus brushing and wiping of panes
  • Removal of mildew, grime and dirt

    Moss and algae removal

    • Outdoor disinfectant sprayed on all surfaces
    • Kills germs and provides anti-bacterial protection
    • Clean and fresh finish

All types of replacement glazing

  • Toughened and horticultural glass
  • Replacement of ‘W’ and ‘Z’ and other types of clips
  • Glazing rubber replacement
  • Glass cutting to size

Door and window repairs

  • Wheels and rollers replacement
  • Slide maintenance
  • Replacement of weather rubber seals
  • Repair and Installation of window opening mechanisms

Construction of greenhouses from scratch

  • This service is for those people who may have bought a greenhouse in a kit form but are unsure of how to put it together.
  • Includes staging construction and assembly.

Base Construction & Interior Design

  • Timber, paving slabs, raised beds.
  • Paths leading to the greenhouse door.

Timber frame and galvanised steel frame repairs

  • Fitting replacement parts
  • Painting and staining

Brickwork repairs

  • New brickwork
  • Repointing of mortar joints

Watering systems & collection

  • Installation of pipework
  • Repair of existing or installation of new guttering
  • Fitting gutter stop ends and downpipes

Deconstructing and relocating green houses

  • You might want your greenhouse moved to a different place in your garden, or you might be moving and you want to take your greenhouse with you. This service includes cleaning, taking it apart, and putting it together in a chosen new site

Notes for clients:

  • For power washing, an electricity and water supply is required, ideally within 20 metres of the greenhouse.
  • For spraying of external disinfectant, a water supply only is required.
  • An extra charge will apply for the removal of old/broken glass from the site.

For a FREE consultation and quotation Contact David

I am delighted to have my greenhouse restored in time to shelter my plants from another winter. I have been extremely pleased with the careful and thorough nature of your work and the care you took to source the correct fittings and fit them correctly. The cleaning of the greenhouse was an excellent piece of work and saved me a messy and time consuming job. I would have no hesitation in recommending you other people and will certainly contact you again myself on any greenhouse matter.

Jenny Vye Bridge Village

The guttering works! A useful amount of yesterday's rain has ended up in the water butts. Excellent! Many thanks for all that you did David. I'm very pleased with the results of your hard work and will most certainly spread the word to my friends and acquaintances.

Judith Wearing Petham


For a FREE consultation and quotation, please contact David

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07565 813199